Breaking: All New York City Subways and Buses Will Completely Shut Down at 11 Tonight

subway in snow via wiki commons

It’s not just delivery guys who won’t be able to easily travel after 11pm, it’s also you. In the latest development of the Blizzard of 2015 aka Juno aka Snowpacalypse aka Snowmageddon aka I guess we’ve officially retired the term “Polar Vortex,” the MTA just announced that it will be suspending ALL public transportation services starting at 11 tonight.

So what does this mean for you? More of the same, really: STAY HOME. Right now, the MTA has added extra subways to ensure a speedier commute home, and is reporting good service on the B/DF/M/G/J/Z/S lines. As for the rest of the lines (what up L train), delays are plentiful. Personally, I just made it home after a quick enough F train ride, that was intolerable not because of the snow, but because there was an annoying as shit kid whining loudly to his mother for eight straight stops about how unfair it was that he wouldn’t get to play on his iPad all day tomorrow and that he would have nothing to do and he might as well just go to school because he’d be so bored. All of which is to say, if we wind up in any kind of a cannibalistic, The Road-type situation because of this storm, we should definitely not feel bad about eating the kids of Brooklyn first. That generation has already been ruined.

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  1. This totally blows for bartenders like me. Like, we can’t just not go to work. Luckily my boss is going to let me close early… but what about people who have to travel after 11 and have no choice?


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