UPDATE: Jet Blue Sale Is OVER

Take us somewhere, Jet Blue! Photo via Wikipedia
Take us somewhere, Jet Blue!
Photo via Wikipedia

So, you know, maybe this doesn’t really qualify as “Brooklyn news,” but it is welcome news to us and we’re in Brooklyn: Jet Blue is having a huge flash sale till 4pm today in which one-way flights from New York to places like LA, Austin, Orlando and the Bahamas are only $32. So, like, the cost of going to a 3D movie if you buy snacks. 

We were first tipped off to this sale by a tweet by Ryan Craggs, and after checking Jet Blue’s website and verifying that it wasn’t a cruel prank, we instantly started daydreaming about where we’d want to go. And that daydream didn’t take us very long: Somewhere warm please! But what’s that, you say? You like the cold? Weird! But also, you can get a discount flight to Rochester, too. Act now, before these flights sell out. There are a few restrictions (flights are valid between 1/21-2/11 and only on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday), but still! This is a damn good deal and not the worst incentive to take a few vacation days during the doldrums of the New York winter. Happy flying.


  1. The jetblue site is dying currently. so many internal server errors and the options keep changing about what’s available. An insane scramble but super worth it.

    • I hear you, but everything feels like a cruel joke these days. This is still a pretty decent discount on a flight. Particularly if you just decide to, you know, never come back to New York and live a more economically feasible lifestyle in Rochester. Or whatever.


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