A Nor’easter Is Coming This Weekend, Stock Up on Soup Now

via Accuweather

Have you been enjoying these relatively mild days that January has so kindly bestowed on us? Great, because you’ll need those memories when you’re facing a solid wall of snow and freezing rain this weekend. A Nor’easter is slowly creeping towards the east coast, and it’s not going to play nice. Seriously, go get some soup now. You really won’t want to on Friday.

Accuweather is hedging between snow and rain coming in on Friday night and throughout the day Saturday. If it’s snow, it could be up to six inches, which is kind of a lot. It’ll be at least enough to go sledding in Prospect Park on Sunday. If it’s rain, well, then it’s just going to be cold and miserable and wet out, and no matter how many pairs of socks you put on, they are doomed to be soaked through by the unceasing, unmerciful torrent. Where the snow is both heavy and icy and wet there might be fallen branches and power outages, so that doesn’t sound fun. Maybe throw in some batteries while you’re out shopping? And some bourbon. You know, just in case.



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