Urban Nightmare: Young Woman Falls and Gets Stuck In Between Two Buildings In Bushwick

Freaking people out for over a hundred years. photo via Ephemeral New York
Freaking people out for over a hundred years.
photo via Ephemeral New York

We all have the urban nightmares in which we’re really susceptible of believing: Alligators in the sewer, elevators plummeting from the upper floors of an office building, cabbies who lock the doors and speed you away to New Jersey or somewhere equally scary… I could go on! But one that has long haunted me, at least, was the idea of somehow tripping off the edge of a roof and falling down the narrow air shaft that separates many of New York’s former-tenement houses from one another. Just thinking about it now, I can actually feel myself falling and reaching my arms out to the unforgiving sides of the buildings, hoping to slow my descent, but to no avail. Ah. It’s never good to think too much in the office, is it? Anyway, as it turns out, while alligators might not really be in the sewers, and elevators have tons of protective measures to prevent an abrupt plummet, and most cabbies are more sane than the passengers they carry, that air shaft nightmare? Is a real thing that happened to a woman in Bushwick just last night. So.

According to the New York Daily News, “firefighters rescued a woman after she fell four stories and got stuck in a tiny gap between two buildings in Brooklyn on Monday night… the woman, who is in her early twenties, tumbled from the roof of a building and wedged into the tiny space, which was around 2 1/2-feet wide on Madison St. near Broadway in Bushwick around 9:30 p.m.” Firefighters were able to extricate the woman, who is believed to have been intoxicated at the time of the accident, and is now in serious but stable condition at Kings County Hospital. So, you know, be careful out there when you’re out on your roof in the freezing cold, miserably wet winter weather we’re having right now. Be very careful! Also, maybe rethink the choices you made that got you there to begin with. Maybe.

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