“A Sad Day for Bay Ridge”: A 30-Year-Old Institution Closes This Month

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Sad news today from Bay Ridge: The almost 30-year-old Third Avenue institution, Nordic Delicacies, will be closing at the end of this month. Ah, 2015. You’re turning out to be just like 2014, aren’t you?

Via the Home Reporter and Sunset News, we learned that “one of the Ridge’s oldest ties to Scandinavian tradition will close its doors at the end of the month. The nearly 30-year-old Nordic Delicacies, nestled on Third Avenue, is going out of business, according to lifelong Ridgeite Arlene Rutuelo, who owns the business with mom Helena Bakke.” As you can probably already guess, the reason for closing is that it had just become too hard to “stay afloat” in Brooklyn’s current economic climate. Add to that reality and ever-dwindling Nordic population in the area, and it makes sense that Rutuelo would decide the time has come to close shop and “step back and relax.”

Even though Bay Ridge is no longer full of Norwegians, Nordic Delicacies’ neighbors are bound to miss the shop’s homemade Norwegian waffles, butter cookies, and other Scandinavian treats. So stop by Nordic Delicacies some time before January 31st, and enjoy some Nordic food while walking through nearby Leif Ericsson Park. Do this even if it’s freezing cold out! After all, that’s what a Viking would do.

Nordic Delicacies: 6909 Third Avenue, Bay Ridge

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