Somebody Please Save the Cake Shop


Last year was a really, really bad year for beloved scruffy music venues. (If you need a refresher of all the places that we lost, just check out our list.) But this is a new year, a new day! Surely we can try to prevent some of the mistakes of yesteryear? And one of those mistakes would be letting The Cake Shop, that adorable bakery/bar/music venue/record shop that’s one of the last best things about the Lower East Side, join the list of “ain’t there no more.” The Cake Shop is feeling the squeeze of rent and mounting costs, and has put out a call for a potential investor to come in and purchase 25 to 40 percent of the place. Do you have $150,000 you’re not sure what to do with? This seems like a worthy cause.

The venue put out a call for help on their Facebook page with the subject “Cake Shop Running on Empty, Needs an Investor ASAP,” so you know its serious. The venus has run into financial struggles before, when it narrowly escaped shuttering in 2012 thanks tot he donations of music lovers.

We are not looking for a handout, but we need a like-minded investor to come in and buy 25% to 40% of Cake Shop. Now is your chance to be a part of a special NYC venue/bar/cafe/record store, and save a well-curated stage for talented emerging artist (which include comedians and authors)…We would use the investment money to directly increase revenue so we can be a viable, profitable long term business with growth potential. In addition to catching up with our bills and consolidating back debt, we would use the investment capital to renovate our tired space a bit, we also need to develop our daytime and late night business (which should include some more food options) as we are open from 9AM to 4AM seven days a week. We know our web-site is horrible, and we always wanted to develop more of a portal for the emerging talent we discover. We really would like to sell a line of t-shirts from up & coming designers and artists we love. Cape Shok Records was always meant to be an incubator for hand picked artists; to put out vinyl records that the bands could sell on tour, or do split 7 inches with good souls in other global cities. We would love to book a Cake Shop Stage at music festivals. Heck, we could even start baking our own cakes! If we are able to come out of this, we would also love to open Cake Shops in other cities like LA or Glasgow.

So, Let’s Save the Cake Shop 2015.


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