Super-Tiny House Rises On Traffic Triangle in Williamsburg

Mitch Waxman/via Brownstoner
Mitch Waxman/via Brownstoner

If you need more proof that, soon, every square inch of Williamsburg is going to be built up, look no further than this incredibly narrow wedge house that just popped up on a cement triangle between Wythe, Heyward, and South Williamsburg. Call dibs on your favorite median now for when the great super-narrow housing trend of late 2015 arrives.

The house was spotted by a sharp-eyed tipster for Brownstoner, who did a little bit of digging on the wedge-shaped digs. Turns out that the folks behind it applied for permits in 2012 and were granted them in 2014. And then they worked super fast! It’s a two-family home with the address of 6 Heyward street, as yet unoccupied. Perfect if you’d like your living room to be roughly double the width of your front door.


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