Trash Bar Is Officially Moving to Bushwick


News broke shortly after Christmas that Trash Bar, the Williamsburg music venue, bar and free-Cheeto purveyor, would be closing up shop in March, forced out by rising rents just like so many venues before it. But cheer up, you lovers of garbage-themed bars: Though Trash Bar is indeed shuttering its Grand Street digs in March, the bar now has definite plans to open up in Bushwick, at an as-yet-undisclosed location.

The Trash Bar confirmed the move on their Facebook page:

The rumors are true. Trash Bar is temporarily closing its doors in March and we have definitive plans to re-open at a yet undisclosed Bushwick location…Trash Bar has had an epic run on Grand street since opening in 2004 and continues to staunchly support the local and regional music scene and the many talented artists that continue to flock to Brooklyn in pursuit of music as a vocation, avocation, or for good ‘ol recreation. We intend to continue doing what we do best by following the flow of creativity as it’s pushed ever further east, and providing a venue that allows artists and revelers of all stripes, and from all corners, to feel comfortable and catered to.

To wit, we don’t have to say goodbye to the Trash Bar. It’s just a smell ya later.


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