Happy 2015, There’s A New Kanye West Song


Are you back at your desk after two solid weeks of boozing and stuffing your face with Christmas cookies? Are you looking mournfully at a banana in the hopes of feebly clinging to your New Year’s resolution of actually eating fruit instead of pastries for breakfast? Yeah, things can look pretty bleak in the harsh light of January 2. But here’s a little pick-me-up for your post-hangover life: Kanye West released a new song for your listening pleasure in 2015. And he has some keyboardist working with him now? What’s his face? Oh yeah, Paul McCartney.

The new track is called “Only One” and it’s about Kanye’s mom. (But let’s be honest, still not as good as “Hey Mama.”) You can listen to it on Kanye West’s site here. It’s apparently the first of several collaborations between Kane West, the best Beatle, and Paul McCartney, a pretty OK Beatle.


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