Meet The Voice of the New York City Subway System: Video

Screen Shot 2014-12-29 at 1.32.21 PM

If you’ve ever been in one of the newer, fancier subway cars and noticed a voice recording asking you to “Stand clear of the closing doors please,” then you’re already familiar with the work of Charles Pellett, a news anchor and reporter for Bloomberg News who has also been the voice of the New York City subway system for the last 20 years. Pellett, a native New Yorker, auditioned for the Port Authority to have his voice featured on the announcements of the newest line of subway cars, the R142A.

In the video below via Untapped Cities, Pellett explains what it’s like to hear his own voice while riding the subway, and expresses his appreciation for Jay Z, the most MTA-friendly rapper. (Pellett is also the voice behind the “Ladies and Gentleman, we apologize for the unavoidable delay.”)


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