Happy Holidays: Uber Is Now Even More Expensive!

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As an early-Christmas/late-Chanukah/general-fuck-you present to New Yorkers, Uber has decided to start charging users for a service that had long been free. Happy holidays! Yours sincerely, Capitalism. 

In a memo sent out earlier today to customers (of which I am not one, because, my god, I don’t need the temptation to spend even more money on unnecessary things), Uber explained that its e-hailing service, uberT—in which people can use Uber to signal for yellow and green taxis to pick them up, before paying the driver directly rather than through Uber—will now be subject to a $2 booking fee, to be collected through the app. Uber also uses the memo to remind users that they should just forget about uberT and use uberX, the “low-cost service,” instead of a stupid old yellow or green taxi anyway. Uber wants you to know that uberX is “cheaper than an NYC taxi,” which, fine, maybe, whatever, but also? Uber just did one of the most annoying things in the world to us as New Yorkers, namely, treating “NYC” as if it started with a vowel, as if anyone actually said the letters like “Ehn-Why-See ” instead of just reading those three letters as “New York City” and ahhhh!!! Uber is driving us crazy. Fuck Uber. Hail cabs the normal way. Ride a bike. Take the subway. Do not give in to these tech overlord-assholes who are well-versed in the ways of price-gouging and spying and, now, imposing a levy the day before many of celebrate the birth of a man who probably would’ve smirked and been like “Render unto Uber that which is Uber’s, but also? Try public transportation. It’s what I’d do.”

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