The 5 Best Free Things to Do in Brooklyn This Weekend

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We don’t know about you, but we’re pretty much broke. And, no, it’s not because we use Seamless too much (it’s a little because we use Seamless too much). And it’s not because we are blowing all our money on holiday presents (we know where to find affordable gifts, we really do!). So why are we feeling strapped for cash? Uh, actually maybe it is those first two reasons after all. No matter, the point is, we need fun, free stuff to do right now and we imagine that you’re all pretty much in the same boat. So if you’re looking for festive—and not so festive—things to do this weekend that won’t break the bank, we’ve got you covered.

Love Actually at VideologyThis Williamsburg movie theatre/rental spot/bar is showing this pretty universally beloved holiday movie tonight at 7:30 for free. That’s right: F-R-E-E-Eeeeee. We encourage you to get some drinks and popcorn (which are not free) and stage your own Love Actually drinking game. Here’s what you do: Take this BuzzFeed quiz to find out which Love Actually character you are (I got Jeannie! who? exactly), and then every time that character comes onscreen: DRINK. Alternately, there will be an actual Videology-sanctioned interactive drink-along during the movie, but you do you, you know?

Friday, December 19th at 7:30pm at Videology, 308 Bedford Avenue

Go to the Cloisters: Ok, we already suggested you do this as a way to enjoy Manhattan during this time of year without feeling like a tourist. But we can’t suggest strongly enough that you take advantage of the beautiful monastery-cum-museum that sits perched atop the rocky peaks of Washington Heights. It’s so beautiful up there at any time of year, but especially now when the sky is such a stunning, silvery gray and tree branches spike up into the cold air, all black and spindly. Plus since it’s suggested donation, you can donate… nothing. Look, the next time you visit, you’ll make up for it! But times are tight right now. They’ll understand.

The Cloisters, Fort Tryon Park

Make Winter Music: Happening twice a year—on the summer and winter solstices—this musical parade is an amazing thing to participate in, or even just to witness. As the website explains, the event is “inspired by Phil Kline’s annual Unsilent Night—the boombox parade that has become an international tradition—Make Music Winter transforms New York’s cityscape with participatory musical parades on the winter solstice, running the gamut of musical genres.” It takes place in many locations across the city this Sunday, including six different ones in Brooklyn.

For more info, visit

The FlipBooKit Show: A fun little way to while away your weekend (for FREE) would be to visit the Boerum Hill shop Grumpy Bert and enjoy this month-long art installation (it’s up through 12/28), in which the public is welcome to play with artist-designed flip books and delight in this most simple of pleasures.

Grumpy Bert: 82 Bond Street, Boerum Hill

Low Budget Sketch Show at VideologyAnd so here we are back at Videology again! Why? Well, partially because this place has tons of great free stuff scheduled all year round, but also because this show specifically is bound to be pretty awesome. The comedy group will be presenting a brand new Christmas episode and be doing a lot of other fun, holiday-themed activities. And, once again, this is all freeeeee. Enjoy!

Sunday, December 21th at 7:00pm at Videology, 308 Bedford Avenue


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