Video: Paul Gollash Talks Learning English and Great Work Culture

Paul Gollash, Founder and CEO of Voxy, a personalized English learning site, answered a few questions about his business background and why his office was ranked one of the top places to work in New York.

December’s Northside Innovation Meetup’s theme was New Markets, Overseas Expansion and few startups in New York are growing as fast abroad as Voxy. Gollash spoke in a 1-on-1 with Brian Frumberg, founder of VentureOutNY, about his career before founding Voxy, raising money to rapidly scale and how good it feels to be running a mission-driven business.

Each month Northside Innovation, the tech and innovation conference that occurs during the annual Northside Festival, gathers top founders and thought leaders for a discussion–over BBQ and Brooklyn Brewery Beer–of topics relevant to the community. For more on Northside Innovation, click here.


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