You Like Us; You Really, Really Like Us: The 10 Most Popular Stories in Brooklyn Magazine in 2014

Goodbye to all that. And by "that" we mean 2014. Also, stories about leaving New York City. Good riddance.
Goodbye to all that. And by “that” we mean 2014. Also, stories about leaving New York City. Good riddance.

It seems like it’s been an eternity since I was last compiling a list of the most popular posts for 2013 on old bkmag dot com. Alas it has not been an eternity, it has only—obviously—been a year. But what a year it was! Full of pregnant tarantulas and white flags flying over Brooklyn and catcalling videos and BuzzFeed lists about the joys of living in New York and ohsomanythings that we wrote about and that you, dear readers, consumed. But what were the most popular things we wrote about this year? What stories piqued your interest more than any others? And did they all just have the word “hipster” in the headline? No! Not at all. If there’s anything that became crystal clear this year, it’s that “hipsters” are totally 2013. Read on to see what it was that everybody was reading in 2014. You might be surprised.

10) Where Are All the Penises?: Why the Lack of Male Nudity On Game of Thrones Is a Problem: In which we wonder, yes, where all the penises are, but also… no, we just wonder where all the penises are. We really think there should be more penises.

9) White People Problems: On Kara Walker and the Way White People Interact with Black Art: In which we explore the manner in which we consume art, and what that says about the viewer, the artist, and the art itself.

8) Don’t Watch James Foley’s Execution Video: In which we discuss the ethics of playing into terrorist propaganda, and discourage the act of turning James Foley from a man into a symbol.

7) 110 Reasons You Should Probably, Definitely Leave New York City: A Point-By-Point Takedown of a BuzzFeed List: In which we are incredulous that anyone who has spent more than five days in New York in recent years could point to the superiority of New York’s sports teams as a reason to love this city.

6) The 10 Best Burgers In Brooklyn: In which we make you drool on your keyboard.

5) Cops Are Now Ticketing Subway Riders for a Totally Legal Transfer: In which we lament the ticketing-happy policy of the NYPD.

4) “Hey Beautiful”: On the Racist and Classist Implications of the Catcalling Video: In which we voice our displeasure with something to which basically everybody else on the Internet had a positive, if knee-jerk, reaction.

3) The 100 Most Influential People In Brooklyn Culture: In which we celebrate the people who help to make the ever-increasingly expensive Brooklyn remain an artistic incubator.

2) Don’t Put Your Unwanted Clothes In Those Pink Bins: In which we make a public service announcement.



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