We’re Not Going to Let You Starve (Or Eat Soggy Chinese) : Where to Dine in Brooklyn on Christmas Day

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So you’re in Brooklyn for Christmas. On one hand, you know you’re lucky that you won’t have to deal with judgmental in-laws, angsty teenage cousins or your republican uncle, but on the other hand you’re stressed about basic human survival things like acquiring sustenance. Rest assured: this is not as scary as you may think (definitely not as scary as the personal questions your grandma starts asking when she gets drunk.) Although far fewer than the usual endless Yelp pages of delicious food options in Brooklyn, there are still some really stellar places open for Christmas day. So chop chop, count your blessings and make a reservation before you end up cracking and spending $500 on a last-minute flight straight to the chaos and delicious food of family Christmas or, arguably worse, soggy Chinese in your drafty Brooklyn apartment.

Known for their award-winning Brunch, this is the perfect spot to trek to on a brisk Christmas morning. The cozy, casual atmosphere and decadent comfort food will surely give you that fuzzy, quaint feeling of togetherness we all kind of crave on Christmas. They’re also open for Christmas dinner. Reservations available through OpenTable.

166 North 7th, Williamsburg

Mile End Delicatessen
You’re thinking, “Uh, but I love Chinese.” Well, yeah, we love Chinese food too, but we said we’re not going to let you eat soggy Chinese. If you’re going to do the traditional Jewish Christmas dinner, AKA a Chinese feast, this is definitely the place to do it. On the menu: Szechuan cucumber and bamboo shoot salad, corned beef and kraut wontons, hot and sour soup with chicken liver dumplings and more. Call for a reservation ASAP.

97A Hoyt St, Boerum Hill

If you want to feel like you’re back in Ohio or Minnesota or wherever you hail from (You’re all from the Midwest, right? Ok, cool.) this slightly divey little Williamsburg spot (with American-style gastropub fare far superior than what you’d find at a spot that looks like this in Cleveland, let me tell ya) is just the ticket. Reservations available through OpenTable.

145 Bedford Ave, Williamsburg

This year, Chef Roberto Santibanez is taking both his Parisian education at Le Cordon Bleu and his years as a restaurateur in Mexico City and bringing them together to create some Mexican-French mashups sure to blow your holly, jolly mind. Expect fusions like puff pastries filled with cuitlacoche, covered with tarragon cream sauce and pico de gallo, as well as beef tenderloin served with port wine, blackberry chipotle demi-glace sauce and potato croquettes. Call for a reservation ASAP.

434 7th Ave, Park Slope

Dining at Reynard in the Wythe Hotel is always a treat, but especially so on Christmas. This year, the menu will be British-Irish Fusion, serving up dishes like smoked haddock with curried rice and roast goose with chestnut and cabbage. This is one of the more expensive options, but definitely worth it for a very special Christmas dinner. Call for a reservation ASAP.

80 Wythe Ave, Williamsburg


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