Christmas Tree Alternatives For Tiny Apartments

Christmas tree farm in Iowa.

Christmas trees are great and all, with their fresh pine scent and holiday cheer and so forth, but they’re also an enormous pain. Not just the lugging home part or the dropping needles part, but the quest to actually find one that will fit into an already-crowded New York City apartment. Many of us can’t fit a full-sized bed in our little overpriced hidey holes, let alone find a place for a purely decorative piece of foliage or forestry in the apartment. But luckily, the traditional Christmas tree is not your only option.

The Tiny Tree

See, adorable! (via @bstebner on Instagram)

Sure, the twiggy tree in A Charlie Brown Christmas was supposed to be pathetic and sad, but it’s also sort of adorable and perfectly shaped for a New York apartment. If you lean into the tiny tree, it’s a lot easier just to use the tops that get lopped off their larger counterparts, or fashion some semblance of a tree yourself from piney fronds.

The Book Tree


Using things made of trees in order to construct a Christmas tree! It’s so meta. But it’s also a great way to repurpose your bookshelf and create a little object of holiday cheer minus the dropping needles/cutting down another tree business. Plus, you can build one anywhere: On top of a dresser, in a corner, on a coffee table. Just top it with a star and tinsel, and you’re ready to go.

The Wall Tree


There are a couple different variations on this theme: A Christmas tree wall decal, a chalkboard drawing of a tree, a picture of a tree pasted to your wall. But our favorite is tacking up Christmas lights or ornament in the pattern of a tree on the wall. Space-saving, festive, and super-modern feeling.

The Ladder Tree

(picture via Woo Home)

Haul that old stepladder out of your closet or basement or under your bed, wrap some tinsel around it, and voila: Makeshift Christmas tree.

The Hanging Christmas Tree

(via kinkycontraptions on etsy)

Different lengths of fishing line? Check. Ornaments? check. Hang a bunch of the from the ceiling and you’ll get this take on a Christmas tree, a floating holiday decoration that’s easy to pack up once the festivities are over.

The Newspaper Tree


If recycling’s your jam, then this environmentally-friendly tree is one you’ll like. It’s made of rolled up sections of newspaper, spattered with gold paint and topped with a star. It’s a great take on the classic. You can paint it whatever color you want, and just throw it all in the blue bin after it’s done. Just don’t put anything flammable nearby.