Park Slope Tea Lounge Is Closing on Sunday


The closing of beloved institutions isn’t just limited to Williamsburg this terrible, real estate-driven winter: Park Slope cafe and hangout announced via Facebook yesterday that they would be shuttering for good on Sunday. Rumors about the popular coffee joint being forced out of the space had circulated back in September, but confirmation that the cavernous, comfortable haven for laptop-toting freelancers would be shutting down is sad news, even in a neighborhood where cafes are abundant.

No reason for the closing was given in the short Facebook announcement. The Tea Lounge closing its doors came as a surprise, as the institution, which had been in Park Slope since 2004, seemed to be doing well; it had even established a franchise in Kuwait.

Brokelyn caught up with some Tea Lounge patrons after the announcement, who seemed peeved but resigned. There are plenty of other coffee shops nearby, though perhaps not ones as sprawling and cozy and welcoming to the work-from-home set.


  1. Margaret/editors: you might want to change that middle paragraph. The TL has been in Park Slope much longer than this year; the band I was in played there in ’05 or so (maybe it’s supposed to read “2004”?).


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