Lonely Planet Names Queens America’s #1 Destination, Has Maybe Never Been to Queens


In a move that is basically the same thing the New York Times does every Sunday, Lonely Planet has informed the rest of us hapless American plebes that the hippest, most happening pre-post-wave place to be right now is none other than Queens, or, as we at this publication like to call it, “Brooklyn’s hat.” The travel guide named the borough the #1 spot in a list of US destinations that you should visit in 2015. I guess at least it’s an easier commute than Detroit.

No, no, come on, we kid. Queens has plenty of good stuff going for it: Really good food, diverse neighborhoods, the revitalized Rockaways beaches, apartments that are still vaguely affordable. Lonely Planet cites the Queens Museum, the Museum of the Moving Image, and Astoria’s new art district as many of the reasons you should check out the borough.

“New York’s largest borough, is also quickly becoming its hippest, but most travelers haven’t clued in… yet,” the guide notes. If we can divert some of the tourists from Williamsburg to Astoria then, by all means, kiddies. Have at it.


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