The Dos and Don’ts of Planning a Wedding in Brooklyn


By Tracey Goldstein
Polka Dot Events,


Be Realistic:

You’re in one of the most expensive cities in the world, so it’s no surprise that the weddings are too. While a little creativity and flexibility can get you a long way on a budget (make your own centerpieces! rent that tux!), some expenses—such as the cost of labor and space—will always be high, so keep that in mind when evaluating proposals from prospective wedding vendors.



Spend On A Good Photographer:

Make sure to leave room in your budget for a quality, experienced photographer with a solid portfolio. While they may be more expensive than a less seasoned photographer, think of the additional cost as an investment in invaluable pictures that will live on long after your wedding day.



Take Pictures In More Than One Location:

If there is one thing you can depend on in New York City, it’s traffic. Try to use your venue or its surrounding neighborhood for photos, and if you MUST leave the area, stick to one destination and arrive early enough to avoid running late to your own wedding.



Show Everyone Your New York:

Give your out-of-town guests a little piece of “your” New York by incorporating your recommendations and go-to spots into your wedding weekend. Whether it’s creating hotel welcome bags with treats from your favorite bakery or a personalized city guide circled with your favorite places, your friends and family will love the extra effort you’ve made and the chance to feel like a “local.”



Be A Weather Optimist:

While most brides imagine sunshine on their wedding day, the reality of New York is that weather is unpredictable and thus there is always a chance of showers on any given day. It’s great to hope for the best, but make sure to have a backup plan for any weather-dependent locations and photo sessions.



Go All-Out On Food:

Your wedding is taking place in the city with some of the best restaurants, caterers and chefs in the world—take advantage of that! Reserve a large chunk of your budget for food and incorporate your foodie favs, like late-night snacks from your favorite food truck, and or a rehearsal dinner at your favorite restaurant.



Hire a Month-of/Day-of Planner:

Getting married here has far too many logistics involved not to hire a professional to manage your wedding day. Hire a planner so you can enjoy it. This way you’ll be spared a ton of “getting ready for the big day” photos featuring you frantically texting to make sure nothing’s going wrong.



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