Fred Armisen Shows Off Even More New York Accents: Video

(via YouTube/Brokelyn)
(via YouTube/Brokelyn)

Remember how Fred Armisen proved the other week that he’s really, really good at aping New York accents? Well, the Portlandia funnyman wasn’t quite done with demonstrating his ear for the linguistic differences in our fair city. Last night at the Bell House, Armisen busted out another array of accents, including ones from Park Slope, Kips Bay, Crown Heights, Bay Ridge, Stuyvesant Town, and Astoria.

In the video, captured by Brokelyn’s David Colon, Armisen goes through the gamut of regional verbal tics, as the audience yells out suggestions to him. He even demonstrates the effect of gentrification on the evolving accent of Park Slope. On Bay Ridge: “There’s a wisom to it, but it’s a kind of dumb wisdom.” But as for Tribeca, don’t even bother. “Tribeca has no accent,” Armisen says. Preach.



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