Roberta’s Pop-up Is Coming to Gowanus

(Photo via Roberta's site)
(Photo via Roberta’s site)

This might be the best Christmas present ever for South Brooklynites: The pizza master’s at Roberta’s are coming to Gowanus for a ten-day long pop-up. That’s right! No schlepping from the G to the L train to get your hands on some of that sweet, sweet Bee Sting pie. And the best part? The Roberta’s pop-up is going to be a part of the new Threes Brewing space, an 8,000-square foot brewery set to pump out 20 different kinds of craft beer

Via¬†Grub Street, the Threes Brewing space will open its doors on December 11. Though the Roberta’s set-up is only temporary, the beer hall will eventually set up a menu of bratwursts and burgers. It’ll also host Ninth Street Espresso, opening every morning at 7 a.m. (The all day beer hall model sounds a little like Crown Heights’ Berg’n, though it’s designed to have more nooks and spaces, unlike Berg’n’s cavernous, traditional beer hall vibe.) There’s about 3,000 square feet of outdoor space too, which will be ideal for when the warmer months roll around.

It’s kind of a like a rec center,” Threes Brewing co-owner Joshua Stylman told Grub Street “We want people from the community to want to be here. We want groups to have a home to talk about their interests.” And eat pizza right? Definitely be doing some of that. The Roberta’s pop-up runs through December 21, after they check out, other pop-ups will take their place until the permanent menu is instated.

Threes Brewing opens December 11 at 333 Douglass Street.





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