Dress(es) for the Occasion: The Beautiful Wedding Dresses of Lakum


So here’s a very real thing that not many brides-to-be talk about: wedding dress fatigue. There’s something about looking at white dress after white dress—so many of them strapless, so many of them duchesse satin, so many of them princess cut—that leaves us feeling more than a little bit bored of the whole thing. There are just too many dresses that look too similar—and all of them are pretty well-represented on your Instagram feed already. But in the age of the wedding hashtag, is it even possible to find a gown that manages to still feel unique to you and your celebration?

Of course it is. Rather than go the whole “princess” route, look to a company like Lakum. This brand new Brooklyn-based fashion house, started by Sathya Balakumar and Heather Green, offers a service called the “suite of looks”—a collection of stunning designs that can take you from rehearsal dinner to ceremony to afterparty.The dresses come in a range of price points, as well as a variety of gorgeous textiles, including light-as-air silk and sumptuous leather, and feature exquisite embellishments like hand-beaded Indian embroidery and feathery rosettes. Plus, for a nominal fee, Lakum will send you a muslin model of the dress (or dresses) you’re considering so that you can see for yourself how it would feel to wear it. This level of individuality and care is always appreciated, of course, but never more so than on the one day you just don’t want to look like anyone else.



Veronica Dress, Clustered Sequins.


Suzanne Dress, Hand-Appliqued Silk Rosettes.


Annie Dress, Dual-Faced Satin with Metal Studding.


Jaime Dress, Japanese Lace.


Monica Top & Mae Skirt, Dual Faced Satin.

Photographs by Jane Bruce


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