Five Kickstarter Employees’ Favorite Projects


We asked five Kickstarter employees what projects they were most excited about promoting in 2014.

Alex Proba, Designer
The 1970 NYC Transit Authority Graphics Standards Manual
“There is a beauty in celebrating something that was made such a long time ago. We tend to forget.”

Aurora Thornhill, Community Engagement Manager
Sunny and the Elk: A Scientific Journey into the Past
“Sunny and the Elk epitomizes the idea that investigating the world around you can lead to incredible discoveries and that anyone is capable of scientific exploration, which is why I love this small, inspiring project.”

George Schmalz, Film Community Manager
The Scarecrow Project
“I grew up on VHS tapes and have been sad to see the decline of this particular facet of daily life over the past decade. When the opportunity to help one of the biggest, best and last venues in the country keep their doors open arose, I had to do my part.”

James Turnbull, VP of Engineering
“The project funded a platform for investi-gative reporting by citizen journalists on underreported or ignored issues.”

Maris Kreizman, Publishing Community Manager
The Joan Didion Documentary
“A film about a living literary legend, made with love by her nephew. Did I consider getting a new credit card in order to buy a pair of J Diddy’s sunglasses? Maybe.”


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