Video: Huge’s Tim Nolan Talks the Collision of Art and Technology

Tim Nolan is a Group Creative Director at Huge, one of Brooklyn’s largest and coolest creative agencies. He spoke to us about the difference between being a designer and an artist and how he strives to create art that makes people think in this instantaneous, technology obsessed culture.

At November’s Northside Innovation Meetup, Nolan joined a conversation about content and storytelling. Joanne Vicente, Executive Director, IFP led the discussion with Nolan, Noah Rosenberg, founder of Narratively and Clint White, President of WiTMedia. They discussed, debated and shared examples of non-traditional content.

Each month Northside Innovation, the tech and innovation conference that occurs during the annual Northside Festival, gathers top founders and thought leaders for a discussion–over BBQ and Brooklyn Brewery Beer–of topics relevant to the community. For more on Northside Innovation, click here.


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