Damn, Even Spike Hill Is Closing?

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photo via Drinking Brooklyn

So, sure, we knew this was coming, but it’s still always a little bit of a surprise when a place that’s been around for a long time in this ever-changing city just up and announces its impending demise. And that’s exactly what happened this afternoon when Bedford Avenue’s Spike Hill confirmed with Gothamist that it was closing next month.

An anonymous Spike Hill employee revealed to Gothamist that the building that houses Spike Hill is officially under contract and that “it’s unlikely that this bar will be a bar for much longer.” There isn’t an actual timetable available, and so no guaranteed last night like there is at Marco’s in Prospect Heights, but it seems likely that if your New Years Eve plans involved Spike Hill (which, I don’t know, maybe they did?), you really ought to start thinking of a back-up plan.

Some business losses hit harder than others, of course, and I can’t say that I spent all that much time at Spike Hill over the years—it wasn’t really my scene. And yet, despite not being my scene, it also decidedly wasn’t some nightmare establishment that only the wealthiest Williamsburg-residents (or visitors) could afford to patronize. It wasn’t a dive, but it was reliably grungy and hosted some pretty solid local bands and was not the worst place in the world to get a whiskey and enjoy yourself, you know? Ah, fuck it. So long, Spike Hill. I really hope a bank doesn’t replace you.

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