Sauna Parties Are A Good Way To Annoy Your Neighbors


If “where the sauna party at?” is something you say frequently (or ever) then, first, stop that, and second, we have the answer: Clinton Hill. All-night raging sauna parties featuring DJs, drinking, loud music, and, presumably, a whole lot of dudes in towels and flip-flops are the new scourge of the neighborhood. Oh and the name of the parties? “When in Robe.”Just when you thought you were safe from bros, a whole new genre of bro emerges.

Anyway, these parties are apparently happening at spa Body By Brooklyn on the ground factory of the old Rockwood Chocolate Factory building, on Park and Waverly avenues. Problem is that this building also houses all kinds of small children, who are not into these raves, which can last until 3:00 a.m. And they’re on Sunday nights, which is pretty lame if you have a job requiring you to work on Monday morning.

“That spa is basically ruining my life,” one  tenant, complained to DNA Info. “I’m kidding but seriously every other Monday I am exhausted from lack of sleep and livid about the noise.”

Bummer. But I guess now you know where not to go if you don’t want to land in a full-scale bro banya.


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