Movers, Not Shakers! Announces More Eco-Friendly Ways to Help With Your Move


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Moving to a new apartment can feel like an exercise in waste. You buy what feels like a metric ton of cardboard boxes, only to throw them all away less than a week later. Fortunately, there’s Movers, Not Shakers!, a moving company designed to make your New York City move greener and more pleasant. The company has been helping New Yorkers move since 2002 and started implementing green initiatives in 2006. Instead of cardboard boxes, Movers, Not Shakers! uses GothamBoxes, reusable bins the company cleans, delivers, and picks up for you. GothamBoxes not only reduce cardboard waste — they also requires no tape to easily pack up a box. And their moving trucks use biodiesel fuel, a clean, renewable and carbon-neutral alternative to petroleum.

The company has grown every year, allowing Movers, Not Shakers! to move into a larger facility. With the extra space, they are now offering green storage options. If you find yourself “between places” for whatever reason, and aren’t ready for a full moving service just yet, you can still rent out the company’s GothamBoxes. Movers, Not Shakers! will be happy to provide bins for you and find a storage solution that works within your budget. Once you’re ready to move, Movers, Not Shakers! will then transport the bins to your new location. It’s a hassle-free, temporary storage option that will also save you anywhere from 25 to 200 pounds of cardboard.

If you’d like to be in touch with Movers, Not Shakers! about their services, including bin rentals and storage space, visit their website or call them at (718) 243-0221.