The Garbage C Train To Get Even Worse Next Year


Remember yesterday, when I told you that the C train was garbage? Maybe you didn’t believe me. Maybe you were like, aw, gee, let’s go easy on the poor thing. It’s old and rickety! It works, sort of? Maybe there’s even something charming about it’s stupid slick blue benches and off-kilter schedule. (On Facebook, someone called the C “a shitty old barn on wheels,” which pleased me.) But look, lose your underdog sympathy for that dumb train. Because next year, thanks to the MTA repairing Hurricane Sandy damage on the “Cranberry Tubes,” a thing that sounds made up and/or a move on CandyLand, the terrible C train will run even less frequently and be even less convenient.

Yeah, I know, how is that possible? Well, if you’re going to Manhattan from Brooklyn and you actually just wanted to get to West 4th street or above, then all is good for you, my friend. But if you need to get somewhere downtown, like any stop in that Fulton-Chambers-Canal area, you are just shit out of luck. For 40 weekends next year and into 2016 (yes, forty, as in, “the majority of the weekends of any year”) the C train is going to be rerouted on the F line from Jay Street-Metrotech to West 4th Street, Gothamist confirms. Oh cool great thanks MTA, so glad that I’ll be paying an extra four percent to not go wherever I need to go. 



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