Brooklyn’s Priciest Mansion Goes On Sale, Still The Most Expensive Home Everrrrrr

(Photo: Corcoran)

Attention Russian oligarchs and Taylor Swift, now’s your chance to buy not just Brooklyn’s most expensive mansion, but the borough’s gaudiest waterfront play palace, for almost half its original $30 million price tag. But with an asking price of just $17 million, there’s no way this home fit for Scrooge McDuck will linger on the market for long. After all, it’s still the priciest residence for sale in all of Kings County, and who the hell wants to be the proud owner of the second most expensive home in town?

(Photo: Corcoran)

The Mill Basin compound blows those other three kitchened trash heaps around town out of the freaking water with four, count them, 1, 2, 3, 4 kitchens. There’s also a spa, three-boat marina, meditation room, and “outdoor pavilion.” In short, this place has “cocaine” written all over it.

And buyers wouldn’t have to worry about neighbors crashing parties. The home is surrounded by a gate and occupies a peninsula all its own. One serious drawback might be the pathetic number of bedrooms (five), but at least there are nine full bathrooms where your pals can pass out in the tubs.

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