Sponsored: The Battle of Booth vs. Counter


Partygoers and homebodies alike can all agree that when you’ve had a late night—or an early morning—there’s nothing better than heading to a 24-hour diner and getting your fix of breakfast foods. But once you’ve arrived at your destination, where do you sit: in a booth or at the counter? It’s an age-old debate, one that may never be completely solved.

Take the Grand Slams, for example. Judging from the video below, these poor guys have probably been arguing about their seating preferences since 1977 (that’s when Denny’s first debuted their Grand Slam breakfast, a classic plate of bacon, eggs, pancakes, and sausage).

So which do you prefer for your mealtime seat, booth or counter? Maybe it depends on the situation, just like Bacon suggests to his Grand Slam buddies. Or perhaps you have a permanent favorite spot like Sausage, and can’t be swayed no matter what.

Either way, the choice is completely up to you—just like the Denny’s Grand Slam breakfast, a tried and true favorite that’s also customizable with such delicious additions as biscuits, hash browns, and more. And honestly? We think it’s pretty clear that the winner is anyone who gets a Grand Slam plate in front of them.

Don’t waste your time fighting over seating arrangements (especially since booths are clearly the superior option); just grab your friends, get yourself to a Denny’s, and have your breakfast any way you like it.

This post is sponsored by Denny’s, featuring the Grand Slam breakfast.


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