World Cuisine Comes To The Diamond In Greenpoint

Image via Beer Union
Image via Beer Union

Greenpoint bar The Diamond is stepping up their food offerings starting this month with The Epcot Series, a plan that will bring in a different international cuisine into the bar every month. Diamond co-owner Dave Pollack, a.k.a. Diamond Dave, was inspired by the most educational of Disney’s venues, which allows you to chow down in restaurants from almost every continent without leaving the bounds of the park. “Both my wife and I had that experience when we were kids,” Pollack told me. “You get to try all these kinds of food in one place. So that’s what we’re doing here, trying to bring food in from different cuisines and keep it affordable.”

For their first offering this Thursday, The Diamond is partnering with legendary Queens Indian spot Jackson Diner. Fifteen dollars scores you a plate for the buffet, which includes Chicken Makhini, Aloo Gobi, rice, naan, dal, and aamosas. “I’ve been a customer there for years, I really like a lot,” Pollack said. “And the last time I was there, I thought it would be a great fit.”

Part of Pollack’s quest was inspired by limited options in the neighborhood when it comes to Indian food. “I’m not really loving the Indian options in our neighborhood,” Pollack said. “I don’t think there’s a lot of really good Indian food around Williamsburg and Greenpoint.” Part of the Epcot Series is to import cuisines that aren’t very prevalent around that area of North Brooklyn, though Pollack notes that he’d also be open to teaming with local businesses for the monthly dinner. The point is to make good, cheap food available easily to locals, plus a cultural element. For the Jackson Diner dinner, Pollack is bringing in a sitar player. Things are still in the works for future installments. And for Greenpoint residents, it’s just one more reason to hit happy hour at The Diamond.

The Epcot Series kicks off at The Diamond (43 Franklin Street) this Thursday at 7 p.m. 


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