Guys Don’t Freak Out If You See NYC’s First Ebola Patient Out Jogging, He Hugged The Mayor

(Photo: NYC Mayor's Office)
(Photo: NYC Mayor’s Office)

New York City’s first Ebola patient, Dr. Craig Spencer was released today and declared free of the disease after spending almost three weeks in treatment at Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan. At a press conference with the mayor and public health officials this morning, Spencer proceeded to hug nearly everyone in the room, including Bill de Blasio and the nurses who treated the doctor.

The mayor declared Dr. Spencer “a hero” for his efforts treating Ebola patients in Guinea. De Blasio also thanked the hospital’s staff for their efforts. “We have the finest medical community in the nation, the finest public health system in the world” de Blasio said. He emphasized that New York City remains “Ebola free” and urged people to get their flu shots to avoid any unnecessary panic or trips to the hospital.

No word yet on whether Dr. Spencer is welcome back at the Gutter.


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