Investigators Troll Rikers Island, Smuggle in $22K Worth of Goodies

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The latest example of incompetence and corruption to come out of Rikers Island surfaced today when it was revealed that an investigator disguised as a guard riding a razor scooter loaded with actual razor blades, made it past security at the prison with $22,000 worth of illicit goods. The “guard” was also packing 250 bags of heroin, enough Suboxone to kill a dozen horses, a large bag of weed, and holding a plastic water bottle filled with vodka.

There must have been a Facebook event already in order for the rager that was happening on Rikers because clearly everyone had been invited to this one– the investigator successfully made it through six separate security check points. The sting took place last month after the Department of Correction supposedly invoked “heightened security measures” for Rikers at the start of September.

The jaw dropping revelation comes after the Department of Investigation (DOI) released a report today detailing security failures at the prison. The report found, among other things, that “smuggling of weapons and narcotics into Rikers Island continues to be a significant concern,” and that the Department of Correction’s biggest failures in this regard is screening guards and employees properly upon entrance to the facility. Most damning of all, however, are the details of investigations in which the DOI “arrested many [Corrections Officers] COs over the years for smuggling.”

Mr. Ponte, the Commissioner at the Department of Correction, told the Times that Rikers would continue to beef up security and carry out closer inspections of employees entering the prison.


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