How to Celebrate Guy Fawkes Day in Brooklyn


Did you remember, remember that today is the 5th of November, the anniversary of that time in 1605 when a dude did not actually blow up the House of Lords? No? I mean, that’s fair. In the United States, celebrating of Guy Fawkes went out the window, more or less, with the American Revolution. But in the honored national tradition of “any excuse to get together and drink,” it might be one of those lost holidays worth reviving. Consider the traditions: michief, merrymaking, grilling, drinking, and bringing a straw-stuffed dummy from door to door asking for pennies. Tell me that isn’t exactly up New York’s alley. It’s basically a regular Wednesday. Want to join in the fun? Here are a couple ways to get nuts on Guy Fawkes day in Brooklyn.

1. Go to a party

If you’re looking for a proper send-up on the day that the Gunpowder Plot was officially foiled, you could do a lot worse than stopping by Dear Bushwick. Starting at 7 p.m. tonight, there will be hot jazz music, a performance from the Last Minute Theatre “who are rumored to have roped in direct descendants of Guy Fawkes AND King James 1,” as well as discount cocktails.

2. Find a bonfire

If you don’t want to head to Dear Bushwick, don’t fret. There are plenty of available indoor fires, warming spots, and substitute bonfires in dear old Brooklyn. In fact we even made a helpful list of them for you. Our personal favorite pick? Try Hot Bird for its outdoor fire and selection of grilled things, both of which are very Guy Fawkes-day appropriate. Bonus: Bring in a straw man and ask the bartender to give him pennies! (Don’t do that.)

3. Head to a British Pub

If you’re hoping to celebrate Guy Fawkes day, one of the best strategies is to head to a place where British ex-pats congregate. Our choice: The Chip Shop, that restaurant dedicated to doling out all the pub grub that a native Englishman would hope for. Their offerings include a deep-fried Mars Bar (if you must) and sticky toffee pudding (yes please.) There’s one on Atlantic and in Park Slope, and either are a good bet. Other good English pubs around to hit up for the holiday? Black Horse Pub or The Munro in South Slope, Longbow Pub and Pantry in Bay Ridge, or Gordon Bennett in Williamsburg.

4. Procrastinate Until Tomorrow

That’s when the first ever New York Festival of Light comes to DUMBO, which, with all its flashy displays of lighting installations, seems very much in the spirit of Guy Fawkes. The archway under the Manhattan bridge will be full of art projects, including a stage known as “Howard Ungerleider’s Lazeration,” which will surely rival any Pink Floyd laser show you’ve ever seen.

5. If all else fails, wear a creepy mask everywhere and pretend that you’ve been passed out somewhere since Halloween. 

You could look like this dude:



See what I mean? However you celebrate it, may your Guy Fawkes Day be insurrection-free.


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