Ample Hills Ice Cream Is Now Available By Mail

ample hills

Ample Hills, the Brooklyn ice creamery that recently expanded from its initial location on Vanderbilit to another, larger space in Gowanus, has just rolled out another new facet of its empire: Mail-order ice cream. Sure, we know it was intended for people who don’t live in Brooklyn. But six pints of Ample Hills delivered right to your door? Tell us you’re not tempted.

If you care to get Ample Hills shipped, you can choose from one of two options: a six-pack of their “classic” flavors, including Salted Crack Caramel and Peppermint Pattie, or a selection of their newer class of ice creams, like Mexican Hot Chocolate and, our personal favorite, Butter Pecan Brittle. They come packed in dry ice via overnight shipping. Cons: You have to order in bulk, at least six pints per order. Pros: You have to order in bulk.

If you aren’t feeling quite that lazy, it’s worth dropping by the scoop shops nowadays, just because those round-the-block lines of frustrated toddlers have mostly dispersed. Plus, the store is running their winter movie nights. Each of the screenings come accompanied by a custom-made ice cream creation. Last week’s The Witches got a double dark chocolate with brownie chunks and chocolate chips named “I Don’t Want Cress Soup!” which, whatever, give us more chocolate.




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