The New Zagat Survey Says Brooklyn Has Almost All the Best Pizzerias In the City

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Paulie Gee’s
photo via Serious Eats

The new Zagat survey is out today, and while the very fact that its results are based purely on surveying Zagat readers (a group of which we’re admittedly more than a little skeptical), we were pretty happy to see that even Zagat readers know what’s up when it comes to pizza: of the seven best pizzerias in New York City, six are located right here in Brooklyn. 

Coming in at number one in the city is Greenpoint’s own Paulie Gee’s, with runners-up Lucali in Carroll Gardens, DUMBO’s Juliana’s (take that, Grimaldi’s!), Coney Island’s Totonno’s, and Roberta’s in Bushwick. The sixth best pizzeria in the city is Denino’s in Staten Island, and then Zagat readers went right back to Brooklyn, to place Midwood’s Di Fara at number seven.

We’re pretty much in agreement with this round-up, though we think both Speedy Romeo and Barboncino should have been also been appreciated, so, you know, job well done, Zagat readers. At least where pizza is concerned. Because when it comes to best taco in New York? Not only does pretty much everywhere in Sunset Park have La Esquina beat hands down, but to not even include one of those spots on the list? Means that Zagat readers travel in pretty circumbscribed culimary circles.

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