“Lefferts Place Mews” Apartments Listed in Clinton Hill

Despite not being quite finished, several apartments in the development called “Lefferts Place Mews” hit the market late last week. Encompassing 76, 80, 84, and 88 Lefferts Place, the development will eventually comprise 31 condo units. A 724-square-foot one-bedroom, one-bath apartment was listed for $625,000; at just over $863 per square foot, the unit tops the neighborhood average of $771 per square foot by about 12 percent, according to sales data from Trulia.But the math only gets worse from there. A 1,525-square-foot 2-bedroom, 2-bath apartment was listed at $1,495,000—or $980 per square foot, Brownstoner reported today. This is about 27 percent higher than the neighborhood average, which just five years ago sat at $527 per square foot.

This stretch of new development will be within spitting distance of so-called Pacific Park, which in case you’ve forgotten will span from 4th Avenue to Vanderbilt Avenue between Dean Street to Atlantic Avenue. No math yet on what that development will do to the neighborhood’s per-foot average, but we’re meant to see more than 2,000 “affordable” units by 2025.

The notion of a “mews” is exceedingly strange in Barclaysville, as the term typically refers to converted stables or row houses. In its current context, at the very furthermost crest of the wave of Clinton Hill’s housing price boom, “mews” has an overt quaintness to it that smacks of a subdivision, rows and rows of cookie-cutter white Colonials called “Whitman Farms,” or something. The building renderings contain no more charm, and they are predictably void of people of color. But look at the bricks!

The reality is that $625,000 is on the low end of the median sales price for real estate north of Prospect Park, as easy as it is to get hot and bothered about another handful of Corcoran listings and announcements of “Siberian oak floors.” Whatever Siberian oak is, it looks pretty nice, I guess.

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