Board Game Cafe Opens In Williamsburg

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It’s not unusual to see a stack of board games wedged into a cabinet at a local bar. You can usually find a pack of playing cards or a dinged up Scrabble board, perhaps a checker set or a backgammon board. But a new establishment in Williamsburg isn’t a bar that has board games as an afterthought, or even as a feature alongside its other attractions. At Rivals Board Game cafe, the games are the point of the whole enterprise.

That may not be astonishing, given the name of the restaurant, but the sheer number of games that the Cafe offers is pretty amazing: From mainstays like Chess and Monopoly to super-intricate all day games like Risk and Mansions of Madness (It sounds intense), Rivals hopes to be a haven for all those who treat games less-than-casually. And while you play, you can also eat things like their baked pretzel log with honey mustard. The fare isn’t particularly expansive or complicated, but there’s more than enough on the menu to sustain you for a grueling eight hour game session, if that’s your thing.

There’s a tiered pricing structure for how much game time in the cafe will cost you–no more than $10 per adult for all-day play, but you’re not charged at all if you spend over a certain amount on food. (The prices decrease for kids and teenagers.) The only drawback? No liquor license. But the sheer variety of games is ideal for the Brooklyn board game hardcore, and should keep you amused, even without a beer.

[via the Village Voice]


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