Everyone (Still) Hates Former Mayor Abe Beame


Abe Beame continues his streak as least popular mayor, marked forever in popular culture as “the dude who presided over New York City when it teetered on the brink of bankruptcy and became a sci-fi futurist hellscape.” How bad is Abe Beame’s legacy? No one will even buy his key to the city. The key to the city, people! Imagine what Bart Simpson-like antics you could get up to with that sucker.

I mean, sure, the key is only ornamental. But those things are fairly rare, and it was listed on an eBay auction. You know, the site where people will literally buy any weird crap up for sale because it’s a “bargain”? But according to the New York Post, no one would bid on the $924.73 bargain of a lifetime, because everyone still has some major shade for the 104th mayor. To wit:

Beame has almost nothing in New York named for him but a plaque below a tree on Third Avenue near East 34th Street that he planted himself.

Aw dang not even one of those pocket parks? That’s cold. According to a collector of the keys, the low price at auction isn’t a surprise. I mean, give us a real mayoral key, ok? “If you had Koch, Giuliani or Bloomberg [keys], those would be worth a lot of money,” collecter George Arzt told the Post. “If you had Fiorello [La Guardia], that would be astronomical.” Alas, Abe Beame, the Eeyore of mayors, he just can’t get no respect.


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