Breaking: People Act Like Entitled Jerks When the L Train Is Down

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Gothamist reported this morning that the L train was “running with heavy delays this morning after a person fell onto the tracks near Union Square.” The incident happened just before 9am, which we fully understand is smack-dab in the middle of rush hour and thus cause for a lot of commuter consternation. We have totally been there, though our subway problems happen to be F- and G-related. It’s the worst feeling to be trapped underground, reliant on the whims of the MTA, forced to confront the harsh reality that this city is a cruel bitch that doesn’t really care about you or the fact that you can’t be late for work today. What we’re trying to say is, we get it. This sucks.

And yet.

At the risk of sounding a little too “we’re all in this together,” well, we’re all in this together! It’s not just a New York rite of passage to get fucked over by the MTA, it’s a New York fact of life. We have all been there—as has your boss! In fact, chances are when there’s a huge delay like there was this morning, many of your coworkers were affected as well. If there’s one thing that living in New York and riding the subway can teach you, it’s that you’re not a special snowflake. So doing things like tweeting about how not only is the L train messed up, but that Uber is also utilizing surge pricing? It makes you sound pretty damned clueless about something that it only takes about two weeks of riding the train to know is jut not going to happen, i.e. flawless subway service.

Oh, and suggesting suicide booths on platforms? That just makes you sound like an entitled jerk. Do better.

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