Louis C.K. Wants You to Know He Really Hates ISIS… Like Really Hates ISIS

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In just the latest example of realizing how stars are just like us, we found out earlier today that Louis C.K. is just like us because he too hates ISIS. Yup, that’s right! Just like us C.K. finds ISIS to be about as reprehensible a group of humans that have ever graced the surface of this rock hurtling through space we call home. And how do we know this? Twitter, of course. This is, after all, how we know everything about everybody. 

Earlier this morning, C.K. took to Twitter to voice his antipathy for the group. And he really started off strong:


Of course, the fact that C.K. advises members of ISIS to “fuck each other in the mouth with forks” is actually a way in which he is not like us, because we don’t curse that creatively! Although we might just start. Following that tweet, C.K. went on to reaffirm that he thinks ISIS is even worse than whoever created the Common Core curriculum, tweeting:

But lest you think that C.K. is just one of those blindly patriotic morons who thinks everything anti-American is bad and everything American is good, he asserts that not only is he not automatically pro-USA, but also that maybe ISIS has an American connection of its own:



  What spurred C.K. to rage against ISIS this morning of all mornings? It seems he was reading the paper and just couldn’t take the fact that these pathetic excuses for human beings are marauding across the Middle East, torturing, maiming, terrorizing, and murdering as they go.


  C.K. is not a man without hope though. He knows good can be done in this world, which is why he also wants you to take some time and channel your frustration into donating money to some of the people and causes that help humanity, like the Fistula Foundation.

This has been today’s dispatch of how stars are just like us. They hate who we hate. Which, similar senses of humor and rage? There’s worse ways of achieving common ground.

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