Twin Peaks Is Coming Back! Twin Peaks Is Coming Back! TwinPeaksIsComingBack!

Twin Peaks Is Coming Back! Twin Peaks Is Coming Back! TwinPeaksIsComingBack!

After a cryptic tweet from Twin Peaks-creator David Lynch and much accompanying speculation, the news became official today: Twin Peaks is coming back in 2016 for a limited 9-episode run. Happy Monday, you guys. Cherry pie and coffee for everyone!

It’s been almost 25 years since Twin Peaks went off the air, and because I personally have passed much of that time reading and re-reading The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer after having found it near my mother’s bed one rainy afternoon when I was 9 and had nothing else to read and so read and re-read that thing enough times that it is basically committed to memory, I have to say that I’m pretty fucking excited. Because even though I was only a child when the show went off the air, I not only remember my parents talking about it non-stop, but I’m also pretty sure that the sounds of Brooklyn’s own Angelo Badalamenti’s opening score lulled me to sleep on more than one occasion. Maybe they didn’t Maybe that’s just in my head, but, you know, ISN’T EVERYTHING?

While details are scarce about what will be going on when the show returns (rumor has it that Dale Cooper will return, but that hasn’t been confirmed) Lynch and co-creator Mark Frost will be writing every episode and Lynch will direct. Until then, here’s a GIF of Agent Cooper with some DAMN good coffee.

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