Fliers Promise God’s Wrath Upon Carroll Gardens “Yuppies, Hipsters”

via Pardon Me For Asking
via Pardon Me For Asking

A truly pissed off person with access to a printer has been spreading leaflets around Carroll Gardens promising the wrath of the heavens upon the gentrifiers of the neighborhood. Their offenses? Talking at street corners, dog poop in the street, loud bars, and entitlement.

This particular sign was taped (and encased in a waterproof plastic cover!) on a bulletin board and sighted by Pardon Me for Asking. The language of the letter isn’t all that clear, but the complaint is a familiar one for Brooklynites in neighborhoods undergoing the process of gentrification. And the line about “arrogance when you think that you are entitled to do whatever you feel like,” yeah, that touches a nerve. The thing is that we’re guessing the “DEVELOPERS, LANDLORDS” are better accessed by phone/do not give a rip about an anonymous fliers.


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