Cats Water: Non-Mayoral Billionaire Sells Water with His Face on It

(Image: Bloomberg)
(Image: Bloomberg)

The hottest new collector’s item in New York City is “Cats Water”: a last-ditch attempt by billionaire supermarket magnate and former mayoral hopeful John Catsimatidis to recoup some of the cash he lost when he lost the election.

A primary selling point of Cats Water, I guess, is its future retro cachet. Catsimatidis told the New York Post it was “sure to become a collector’s item.” It’s the new “I LIKE IKE” button—show it to your kids in 50 years and impress them with history! Except instead of Ike it’s Ross Perot, or someone time has already forgotten. Donald Trump, maybe.

The creepiest thing about the whole thing isn’t even Catsimatidis’s face on the bottle, which is very creepy; it’s the notion of offering anyone a bottle of Cats Water. Would you drink it?

Available only at Gristede’s, $3.99 per 24 bottles.

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