Video: Julian Casablancas+The Voidz Take Over 101 Bedford

Photo: Erez Avissar
Photo: Erez Avissar

With the release of Tyranny — a hydra-headed album that constantly lurches into new, unexpected directions (and physically packaged in new, unexpected ways) — the world was officially introduced to Julian Casablancas+The Voidz last week. To mark the occasion, we huddled up with Casablancas’ own Cult Records for a record release party at Diesel‘s house of mirrors pop-up shop 101 Bedford. Let the record show, leather jackets and Julian Casablancas will forever be intertwined.

Watch a recap video below, and keep an eye out for the button pinned to Julian’s vest that plainly reads, “We’re doing our thing” (also seen on national television later that night during The Voidz’ performance on Fallon). The truth, succinctly stated. Last Tuesday, they did their thing in Brooklyn.

Relive it:

Director of Photography & Editor – Juliana Shadlen

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