Crouching Stoner, Hidden Stash: Occupy Weed Street Hosts a ‘Fight Club’ to Combat Stereotypes

Oscar Bluth fight

This week in “I’m sorry, what?” two members of Occupy Weed Street, an Occupy Wall Street offshoot focused on legalizing marijuana, have started a fight club. The first rule of 420 Fight Club is: get high beforehand. The second rule of 420 Fight Club is: …we forget.

The couple behind 420 Fight Club, Harrison Shultz and Lorna Shannon, quit their jobs to Occupy Weed Street on a full-time basis, DNAinfo reports. But they’re anything if not active, both physically and in the legal weed movement. One of their primary goals in founding 420 Fight Club was to combat the stereotype of stoners as lazy. Shultz and Shannon don’t just want weed legalized so they can sit around and get the munchies; they, and the rest of their fight club, want to get high and “do something.”

The group meets weekly, in Washington Square Park on Tuesday evenings, which might look something like this. All are welcome, but meetings are strictly B.Y.O.W.

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