A/C Subway Tunnel From Brooklyn to Manhattan to Close for Repairs


Just as you were finished rejoicing over the newly reopened R train tunnel, more repairs are on the way to put a hitch in the giddy-up of commuters from Brooklyn to Manhattan. This time, it’s the A/C train that will be affected, thanks to closing the whimsically named Cranberry Tunnel to fix Hurricane Sandy-inflicted water damage.

That’s the bad news. The good news, according to the MTA chairman’s chat with the Daily News, is that the tunnel will likely only be shut down for weekend work. Unlike the R, the A/C has fewer places to transfer and more riders, which is tipping the scales towards weekend closure instead of the prolonged shutdown that the Montague Street tunnel faced. Also, unlike the R train, the A/C won’t operate in two sections, it will just switch over to the F line from Jay Street-Metrotech to the West 4th Street stop. Expect the changes to start in the early months of next year.  Up next: the E train’s 53rd Street Tunnel. Yay 2015!


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