5 of Brooklyn’s Food Influencers Talk About the State of Brooklyn Food

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On the heels of announcing who we find to be the 50 most influential people in Brooklyn food (maybe you feel differently than us? that’s ok! it really is), we spoke with 5 of the 50 about their experiences in the Brooklyn food and drink scene: what’s been easy, what’s been difficult, and what makes it all worthwhile.


  1. You totally forgot Anne Saxelby in your list of 50!

    Please revise it and make it a list of 51.

    She has lived in BK since before I met her at her Essex St. store
    almost 10 years ago. She is an culinary economic force within Red
    Hook and was enormously inspirational to that community
    after Sandy, reopening her warehouse before almost everyone
    else. She has been a regular on Heritage Radio Network since
    nearly its inception. She supports local BK businesses such as
    Salvatore Ricotta.

    There is no excuse for her not to be on this list. Please admit
    (privately, to yourselves) that you made a mistake or omission.
    I am not advocating that any of your other 50 worthy candidates
    be removed, simply that the list be expanded to 51.

    Thank you,

    R Brown


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