Giant Inflatable Bedbug Is The New Giant Inflatable Rat

Image via Flickr user Brecht Bug
Image via Flickr user Brecht Bug

A glaring inflated rat outside your building means that something has gone awry with a tenant’s relationship with organized labor. Now, some protestors have hit upon an even more horrible mascot to bug (ha! ha?) landlords with: A giant inflatable bedbug. If that doesn’t make your blood run cold and your skin itchy, we don’t know what will.

The New Yorker Hotel in Midtown was recently plagued by one of these bloodthirsty inflatables outside their doors, according to the New York Post, and has sought emergency court action to prevent all its potential customers from fleeing in horror. According to the court filing, District Council No. 9 (the painter’s union) set up the beastie and passed out fliers alerting potential guests that the hotel was infested in order to protest being undercut by an outside contractor. It’s not the first time that the bedbug has taken the place of the rat–here’s a spotting from way back in 2010. But we have to say, it’s a much more effective tactic.


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