New York City Saw 18 Million More Beach Visitors This Year


It’s not just you: The New York City shores were more crowded this year. According to the Parks department, this year around 1.7 million more people headed to the sandy shores of Brooklyn, Queens, and The Bronx than in 2013.

That’s a 22% increase in the beach-goers of New York. Attendance varied by particular beach: The Rockaways, for example, had a 25% gain in attendance (It was probably James Franco) and the Bronx’s Orchard Beach saw a huge jump in attendance, counting for about a 90% bump, the New York Daily News reports.

That’s good news for the areas still recovering from Hurricane Sandy, but the work isn’t over on the city’s shorelines. ┬áThe beaches will still need years to fully bounce back from that truly gnarly storm. ┬áThe reconstruction continues even after the surf’s no longer up, dudes.




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